Whaiwhia te kete mātauranga - Fill the basket of knowledge

EnergyMate is here to help families and whānau make the most of their electricity. It is an in-home service to help vulnerable families manage their energy needs and keep their homes warm. EnergyMate delivers a personalised, in-home service designed to help the most vulnerable families get on the best power plan, offer advice on how to heat their home and make their home energy efficient so they’re not using more electricity than they should be, and use some energy-saving tips to make their electricity go further.

Families and whānau will be visited by a trained EnergyMate coach—trained financial mentors from their community who can give them advice based specifically on their needs. An EnergyMate Coach is a trained financial mentor who can deliver a personalised in-home service aimed at providing information and advice on how to heat your home and make your home energy efficient so you are not using more electricity than you should be. 

What happens during an EnergyMate visit?



Getting on top of the bill

EnergyMate coaches explain how the household’s electricity bill works and how to read it, and together with the family or whānau will place a call to their power company to make sure they’re on the plan that best suits their needs.



Energy efficiency check

EnergyMate coaches do a quick check of the family or whānau’s home, including heating, lighting, hot water, and appliances. Some easy changes can make homes more energy-efficient, helping families maximise their power.



Building an action plan

By the end of the visit, family or whānau will be left with an action plan of simple steps to help them get the most out of their electricity. EnergyMate coaches can also connect families with other social services to offer further support.



A healthier home

For some families and whānau, EnergyMate will help reduce their power bill. For others, the most important outcome might just be helping them get their house warmer in winter without spending more than they already do.


BFC Contact: Michelle Nahu
 07 346 2096   michelle.nahu@familyfocus.org.nz