Family Violence Effects on Children

Babies are involved in this way:
Seeing it
Hearing it
Being injured by it
Being ripped from Mothers arms
Being hit while in Mothers arms
Being thrown

Babies are Affected this way:
Physical injury
Being traumatised by it
Insecutiry because of being cared for by a traumatised mum
Not responsive or cuddly

2-4 year olds are involved in this way:
Seeing it
Hearing it
Trying to stop the altercation
Becoming abused themselves
Being used as a physical weapon

2-4 year olds are Affected this way:
Acting out violently
Trouble with other kids
Eating problems
Nervous, jumpy
Insecurity, fear, depression

5-12 year olds are involved in this way:
Seeing and hearing it
Picking one parent to defend
Physically intervening
Calling the police
Running to neighbours for help
Being used to spy against mum

5-12 year olds are Affected in this way:
Fear and insecurity
Low self esteem
Early drug and alcohol use
Problems at school
Running away
Becoming caretaker of adults

Teenagers are involved in this way:
Seeing and hearing it
Trying to stop the abuse
Hitting parent or sibling
Becoming physically abused
Being used as a spy
Being used as a confidante

Teenagers are Affected in this way:
School and social problems
Shamed and embarrassed
Tendency to get into serious relationships too early to escape home
Depression, suicide, alcohol/drug use

Effects on Teen Boys only:
Learning that males are violent
Learning to disrespect women
Using violence in his own relationship
Confusion or insecurity about being a man
Attacking parents or brothers and sisters

Effects on Teen Girls:
Learning that male violence is normal
Learning that women don't get respect
Accepting violence in their own relationships
Embarrassed about being female
Becoming pregnant

Women's Support Contact: Melape Mose-Wallace or Caryn Taitoko 
Phone: 07 346 2096   Email: or


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