Family Violence Effects on Women

A woman who is living with domestic violence suffers very serious and real effects. 

Here are some that have been listed by women. 

NumbIndecisiveSuspiciousNo appetite
InsomniaStress-related illnessPalpitationsNervous all the time
Used alcohol to deaden the painDrugsSmoked a lotBald patches
Self mutilationAsthmaEat all the timeFrightened of the dark
Didn’t care what I looked likeNo opinionsRundownJust go along with everything
Overate and put on so much weightTried to fix everythingForget what I’m talking aboutNo interest in sex
Push everyone awayCan’t cope with anythingAngry all the timeGuilt
LonelyAbandoned and betrayedNo confidenceJust stay home
Stopped going outLost my friendsGave up studyDaydream all the time
Cleaned compulsivelyTried suicideTried to kill my partnerI don’t know who I am anymore

This information came from a handout called 'The effects abuse has on women', Hamilton Abuse Intervention Pilot Project

Doubts I sit alone here at night
The children fast asleep
And hope that all the decisions
I’ve made are all right

I’ve taken them from their father
Which they won’t forget
But why should I feel the guilt because they
Don’t understand
Yet everything daddy does is ‘just grand’.

I try to make them happy

But they just don’t want to know
Christopher just wants his daddy
And no matter how I try
He just seems to cry and cry

I can’t go back ——I won’t go back
I’ve taken enough mental torture
The decision I’ve made is right
It’s really been the hardest break
In time they’ll know, it was for their sake!

Eilish Bolana

Women's Support Contact: Melape Mose-Wallace or Caryn Taitoko 
Phone: 07 346 2096   Email: or


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