Whanau-Centred Service

We offer a whanau-centred service which involves the engagement of a whanau who has experienced family violence and a whanau mentor. Our whanau mentor will initiate a ‘here and now’ approach and will focus the whanau on outcomes that are best for their children.

The tools we use to work with a whanau include individual and whanau goal setting using the SMART criteria, writing and implementing value and culture statements and identifying strengths and weaknesses as individuals, in their relationship and as parents.

An analysis of their goals, values and culture statements, strengths and weaknesses will assist them to put in place an "achievement plan" where they will have access to any or all of the following services:

  • Empowering voices – A women’s empowerment programme
  • Te Pikinga o te Tangata – A Ministry of Justice (MOJ) approved living without violence programme for men
  • Safety First For Kids – A programme for children who have witnessed violence
  • Individual counselling
  • Budget Advice
  • Te Whanake Pukenga a Whanau (A parenting programme aimed at building on existing parenting skills) 
  • Supported Play Group


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