Kia ngātahi ai te tū, e pakari ai te tuarā - Stand united, stand strong


Kia ngātahi ai te tū, e pakari ai te tuarā - Stand united, stand strong

Who are we

Family Focus Rotorua was set up by people with a strong desire to reduce the level of family violence in our community. We are social workers, counsellors, early childcare educators, women’s advocates, men’s advocates, clinical supervisors, therapists, programme facilitators, financial mentors and service co-ordinators. We strive to provide a safe, inclusive space for people to access information and get help in an environment that is designed specifically for them.

We offer a range of specialised services and programmes such as:

  • Advocacy and support for victims of family and sexual violence
  • Trauma-informed care and support
  • Social work support
  • Non-violence programmes
  • Counselling
  • Parenting programmes
  • Supervised contact
  • Building financial capability (budgeting advice)
  • Elder abuse response service 

Our values

Our values are core to shaping the culture of our organisation, helping to guide, unite, differentiate and sustain us. They are integral to everything we do.

  • We are passionate about the safety and well-being of others
  • We treat everyone with respect, and we behave with integrity in all our dealings
  • We focus on compliance, fairness, quality and ethics
  • We are open and honest in all our communications
  • We provide high quality, effective services and maintain the highest professional standards
  • We proactively respond to change to meet the needs of the community

Our vision

A world in which people participate fully in all decisions affecting their lives, based on equality and respect for their dignity and rights.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to inspire and empower people to re-establish a sense of safety and security in the world as they reclaim, rebuild and renew their lives.

Our objectives

  • To ensure children and young people have safe, appropriate options for healthy development.
  • To increase the opportunities for safety for women and children.
  • To stop abusive behaviours by perpetrators and to increase self-confidence/self-worth for victims of family and sexual violence
  • To represent the interests and voices of vulnerable families/whanau
  • To educate and inform families/whanau on issues contributing to family violence.
  • To create an attitude, shift by generating concern about the impact family and sexual violence has on families/whanau.