Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou”o te pae tawhiti, whāia kia tata, ko te pae tata, whakamaua kia tina - Seek the learning for the sake your wellbeing. 

Sexual harm describes sexual behaviours that are engaged in without consent and involve elements of force, coercion and power by one person over another. Behaviours such as:

  • Making sexual threats
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual innuendo
  • Unwanted sex
  • Unwanted or uncomfortable sexual touch
  • The non-consensual taking or creating of nude or sexual images. The non-consensual sharing or distribution of nude or sexual images. Threats to distribute nude or sexual images.
  • Pressured sex – like coercing someone into it, or saying they will lose their job or friends if they don’t
  • Peeping, exposing and obscene phone-calls
  • Being exposed to watching pornography or partaking in pornography either as a child or without consent
  • Rape, including acquaintance rape, stranger rape, drug rape, partner rape, date rape, gang rape or child rape
  • Using a child to meet sexual desires

How we can help you

  • We can provide you with immediate crisis support including counselling
  • We can direct you to the right people if you would like to make a complaint with the Police or if you are concerned about your safety
  • We can provide you with ongoing support and advocacy should you make a complaint with the Police
  • When accessing support with Family Focus, sexual abuse stories are treated with care and respect. It is up to you how and when you want to share your story with us
  • We can help you with a referral to ACC


Sexual Harm and Crisis Support Service Contact: Shannel Whare
 07 346 2096   shannel.whare@familyfocus.org.nz