He mauri tō te tangata, he whakapapa tōna, he mana motuhake - Everyone has mana. Everyone has a whakapapa, a genealogy, heritage and identity that makes that person no more and no less important than the next person. When we learn to treat everyone with care and respect, there are fewer barriers to establishing and maintaining relationships.


In a healthy family relationship, arguments occur over a disagreement or differing points of view in relation to a specific issue. During the course of a domestic argument, voices can be raised in heated discussions, but a level of respect and equality between partners remains. Family violence occurs when one person in a relationship uses tactics (physical or emotional) aimed at achieving control and dominance. The essential difference is the lack of equality and respect between the two people, with one person maintaining control over the other.

We can help you with the following:

  • Protection orders
  • Safety planning
  • Access to safe housing
  • Safety programmes
  • Programmes for children who witness family violence 
  • Empowerment programmes
  • Non-violence programmes


Family Violence Prevention Contact: Kelly TeNgahue
 07 346 2096   kelly.tengahue@familyfocus.org.nz